Transitioning from Sugar to Sugar Free.

I started this journey around 16 months ago, and the first few weeks were hard!
Everything was bland, and nothing compared to the full sugar treats I loved so much.  I hated sweeteners, I hated sugar free anything – I was sooooo addicted to sugar nothing came close.

I gave up time and time again.

But then I found Skinny Syrups.  The first one I tried in my coffee was Salted Caramel.  This allowed me to cut out 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.  That’s 42 teaspoons a week, or 294 a month.

Once I cured myself of this part of my addiction, cutting sugar out of other parts of my diet became easier.

One of the best side effects for me is noticing I know like softer, more subtle flavours.  A good example is the Blueberry & Lavender Skinny Syrup.  The first time I tried it, when I was still sugar addicted, I considered throwing it away.  Then I tried it again a few weeks later, and now I adore it and have it often.

My top tip is to change your diet slowly.  As the sugar you consume decreases your palate will change and you will start to notice flavours you didn’t previously like, will become yummy!

Always remember why you started the Sugar Free journey – Refined sugars can lead to headaches, low energy levels and worst of all – inflammation. Cutting refined sugars out of your diet will likely decrease inflammation, boost your energy levels and improve your ability to focus.

Good luck with your transition and I hope Skinny Syrups can help you as they helped me!

Marie x