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When you need a drink, Mocktails / Cocktails are a must!
Our range of Mocktail / Cocktail mixes make it easy to create a flavourful creation, sure to help you relax after a long work day.
Simply add the Skinny Mixers with the essential liquors and there you go!
Or add some of our Fruit Syrups to make a great Mocktail.
A tasty and possibly boozy drink that will get your taste buds excited.
All our mixers are Alcohol & Sugar free, making it easier to indulge in your favourite Mocktail / Cocktail.

6 products found in Skinny Mixes - Mocktails / Cocktails

Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup
  • $23.95
Citrus Splash + Immunity Syrup
  • $23.95
Peach Ring + Energy Syrup
  • $23.95
Jalapeño Margarita Mix
  • $23.95
Passionfruit Hibiscus Margarita Mix
  • $23.95
Natural Simple Syrup
  • $23.95