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Wisdom Foods - Sugar-Free, Keto & Carb-Free Syrups

Stocking sugar-free syrups & mixes from Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, so that you are able to kick back and sip delicious keto-friendly beverages in less than 30 seconds. Shop our range of sugar-free syrups, carb-free syrups and keto syrups and enjoy your favourite drinks guilt-free.

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This Weeks Feature Syrup

Sugar-Free Frosé Syrup

Froze is a delicious frozen beverage made with rosé wine, sugar, and strawberries. This drink is a classic summer staple, but it has been hard to find a sugar-free version until now! Thankfully, Jordan created a perfectly sweet, flavourful, and refreshing Frozé mix.

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Our Most Loved Flavours

Sugar Free Caramel Syrup
  • $23.95
Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
  • $23.95


Classic Syrup Sampler
  • $143.70
  • $140.00
Sugar Free Christmas Spice Syrup
  • $23.95


Cocktail Party in a Box
  • $143.70
  • $140.00
Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee on Tap (Goon)
  • $39.95
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Customer Love

Real Reviews from Real Customers

I absolutely love my Wisdom Foods Sugar Free Syrups! Finally I can have my caramel latte without the extra calories.


I love the skinny syrups! You can flavour your coffee, make delicious flavoured alcoholic beverages and cocktails. The best part is, they are guilt free, sugar free, calorie free and carb free.


Skinny Syrups and mixes have changed my life. Use them everyday in my water, smoothies, yogurt and cocktails. Drinking water easy everyday. So many flavours to choose from. Can’t pick a favourite I’ve tried many and are all taste amazing.

Jenna Rose

Absolutely love salted caramel skinny syrups!!! With zero sugar and no carbs it’s an awesome addition to sweeten my coffee or iced coffee as part of my keto diet!!!


I love the wisdom foods syrups! I have been a repeat customer for about 18 months, and love the variety! I add them to my coffee every day. Massive fan!


I love these syrups!! All the flavours with no calories!!


I love zero calories, zero sugar Skinny Syrups. I have used a few flavours. My favourite is Hazelnut. My daily game changer! Love my Skinny Syrups. Yum.

Rad Singh

The coffee syrups are an absolute game changer! Super versatile and adds a depth of flavour to whatever you add it to whether it be your black coffee or your oatmeal/cream of rice etc


I’m so obsessed with the Skinny Syrups! To be able to have such a tasty coffee every morning but know it’s 0 Calories and 0 Sugar just makes it even tastier!!

Pixie Rose

Wisdom Foods has been a huge game changer, not just for me as a competitive athlete, but also my wife who has Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you!


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