No Buzz Lemon Elderflower Craft Mocktail - Dry July

This is one of those drinks you see on a menu and you go "ohhh elderflower" when in fact you have no idea what an Elderflower is.

The secret to brilliant Dry July mocktails is finding healthy drink recipes that don't feel like a chore. Our mocktails combine high-quality ingredients within each incredible recipe, inspired by our preferred alcoholic drinks but with zero alcohol (or calories and sugar).

A mocktail shouldn't look or feel like a soda or fruit juice–it's a sophisticated drink with an elegant garnish that makes the post-festive season something you can enjoy. 

All you need for this non-alcoholic drink is:

Make this drink in a mason jar because all the drinks with strangely named flowers come in mason jars, add ice and water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Lemon Elderflower Syrup and build up the flavor as desired.

Add whatever tree branches or fruit you can find in your house to make this Instagram worthy and viola!