Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

🤎 CHOCOLATE CREAM COLD BREW DUPE🤎 Instantly elevate your coffee game with a cocoa kiss and a sugar-free twist!

✨ Ice
✨ French Vanilla Skinny Syrup (1 tbsp)
✨ Cold Brew (1 cup)
✨ Heavy Whipping Cream (3 tbsp)
✨ Whole Milk (2 tbsp)
✨ Dark Chocolate Espresso Skinny Sauce (3 squirts)
✨ Cocoa Powder (for garnish)

Add ice, French Vanilla Skinny Syrup, and cold brew to a glass. Hand froth heavy whipping cream, milk, and Dark Chocolate Espresso Skinny Sauce in a separate cup. Slowly pour over cold brew and top with cocoa powder.