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Jordan's Skinny Mixes was established to share products that help you enjoy the flavour of your favourite beverages without the unwanted calories and sugar.

This is our collection of zero sugar premium skinny mixers. Just add to your favourite alcoholic beverage and instantly create a delicious cocktail or mocktail. With zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs, you can enjoy your delicious sweet drink guilt-free and sugar-free.

7 products found in Other Cocktail/Mocktail Ideas

Syrup Pump - 750 ml - Gold
  • $9.00
Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup
  • $18.00
Sugar Free Cherry Syrup
  • $18.00
Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup
  • $18.00


4 Pack of Syrup Pumps - 750 ml - Black with Logo
  • $35.00
  • $32.00
Sugar Free Lemon Elderflower Infusion
  • $17.00
Sugar Free Blueberry Lavender Syrup | Delicious Blueberry Syrup
  • $18.00